Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our Clinic

  • Is this covered by my insurance?
  • Can I see if I have apnea without seeing a doctor?
  • What kind of physician will I see?
  • What do I do to see you?
  • I need to see a sleep specialist, so does that mean I automatically need a sleep study?

Questions about Sleep Studies

  • Is a sleep study covered by my insurance?
  • What do I need to do to bring for my sleep study?
  • What if I cannot fall asleep during the study?
  • Will I sleep differently during the test than normally at home?
  • How long is a sleep study?
  • Does a sleep study hurt?
  • What happens during a sleep study?
  • What happens if I have to use the bathroom during the study?
  • What happens after a sleep study?
  • Are the rooms private for the study?
  • Can I take a shower in the morning after a study?
  • Can I do this study at home?

Questions about Sleep

  • What are the 10 myths about sleep?
  • How many people are affected by sleep disorders?
  • How many sleep disorders are there?
  • My spouse says I don’t sleep well, but I sleep fine, do I have a problem?
  • I have no problems falling asleep, does that mean I don’t have a sleep problem?
  • Who is at risk for poor sleep?
  • Do women have sleep problems, or only men?
  • Is there anything I can do to sleep better on my own?

Questions about snoring and sleep apnea

  • How many people have sleep apnea?
  • Can I see if I have apnea without seeing a doctor?
  • Is sleep apnea dangerous?
  • How is apnea treated?
  • My spouse says I snore, what should I do?

Questions about pediatric sleep issues

  • Do children have sleep problems?
  • Is there a link between ADHD and sleep in children?
  • Can children have obstructive sleep apnea?